Thank you for visiting the virtual home of the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building. We exist to honor veterans and serve the community. If you have any questions about our hall, rental information, or anything else, please contact us.

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  • The Brentwood Memorial Veterans Hall offers many helpful amenities.

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Welcome to Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building

When you rent the hall you serve the community and honor veterans.

The Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building has served Brentwood and the surrounding communities for over 80 years! The Memorial Building is dedicated as a monument for all those veterans who gave the last full measure, to honor the memories of those who have gone before and to provide for those yet to come. It also serves as a meeting place for those veterans who are with us today.

When you rent or use the Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building, you help support your local community and activities. Many organizations that directly support the community use the Hall to conduct their business.

The building, is owned by C C County and is operated by Brentwood Veterans Memorial Building, Inc. a non-profit organization. All revenue generated by the hall is used exclusively for the maintenance, repair and upgrades to this Memorial hall.





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